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Tipsy Tuesday!!!
The Dailey RECOVERY Tip: PROTEIN! Believe it or not, your nutrition can help aid in the recovery process not only after a good workout, but also after injury! If you are battling an injury of any sort…”Increase your protein. Protein is a critical nutrient for recovery and repair of the tissues of the body. Many athletes take in too many carbohydrates and not enough protein even when not injured. A good rule of thumb when injured is to eat 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight.” – From the book, Train to Win-by Martin Rooney


The “W.O.W.” (word of the week) = OPPORTUNITY! We wake up each day surrounded by opportunity, yet most of them slip away from us because we don’t ACT fast enough & grab them! The OPPORTUNITY to get better is always present…and ultimately your choices will determine the outcome. You have 100% control over your thoughts, your beliefs, & your actions…& it is those thoughts, beliefs, & actions that will turn OPPORTUNITY into your destiny.


The Dailey Thought…

If OPPORTUNITY doesn’t knock, build a door. ~Milton Berle

Don’t wait for opportunity…CREATE IT!