The “W.O.W.” = RESPECT!

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Happy Monday!

The “W.O.W.” – RESPECT! If you want RESPECT, you must first show RESPECT…and the first is to yourself! Value your training. RESPECT your hour and give it your best, each and every workout. RESPECT your body with good fuel. Act like a drag racer…just like the car you need special fuel in order to perform at your best! Don’t expect others to have more RESPECT for you than you have for yourself.


The Dailey BREAKFAST BREAD Tip: Looking for a good bread you can make that is quick, easy, grain free, dairy free, & free of refined sugar??? Try this one! Note you can use other nut butters as a substitute for almond butter if you have nut allergies! Enjoy!


Need MASSAGE in your life? Come to the FREE Thai Yoga Massage clinic here at the studio this Friday night. 4/25/14 from 6:30-8:00pm. RSVP required just so we know how many mats/pads to set up…but the more the merrier! The last 3 have been AWESOME, and Joel has some NEW tricks to teach us! Sign up online under “events” or simply let me know via email if you can attend!


CREATE your BEST week ever!