The “W.O.W.” = TEAM!!!

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The “W.O.W.” (word of the week) = TEAM! With the Olympics in full swing…it’s a word that has true meaning! You don’t hear about the athletes competing by themselves. They didn’t get to the Olympics by way of undying self-motivation. No way! They got there because they surrounded themselves with a TEAM of like-minded bodies that pushed them to the top! Whether you are training at the Dailey Fitness Studio, hitting the gym, or even attempting to reach your full potential on your own…be a part of a TEAM when it comes to health and fitness goals!

Together Everyone Achieves More!


Your Dailey thought…

“ Just like the tide, you will rise or fall as a result of the most influential bodies around you.” ~Martin Rooney


The Dailey SUGAR Tip: COCONUT SUGAR?!?! If you read the article yesterday about Stevia…check out this awesome sugar replacement & kick those chemicals to the curb! Coconut sugar is more than just a health food-compared to soil-depleting, water-intensive crops like sugar-cane, coconut sugar is one of the most sustainable sweeteners there is.
It’s low glycemic, has a great floral flavor, makes a terrific white sugar replacement, & even has essential nutrients!


Who’s on your TEAM???