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The Dailey Thought…

Unless BELIEFS change, growth does not happen. Perhaps it is time to be less defensive and more reflective and curious.”

~Peter Twist


The 6 week Mind & Body RESET has been about growth and change. Specifically: Mental, Physical, & Lifestyle growth/change. My goal has been to create awareness that growth & change is needed…and I have asked YOU to look within yourself to create the ACTION necessary to make it happen. Tomorrow is the 6th weigh in day…AND…time to OWN it! Either you reached goals…or you didn’t. Either way, own the outcome and & what you did/did not do to get there. Your body is like a valuable coupon…it’s NEVER too late to redeem it at the gym & with good nutrition!


I personally am SO PROUD of my TEAM here in the studio AND those that are doing this on their own cross the miles!!! Our 6 week RESET might be coming to an end…but the journey doesn’t stop! This is a FOREVER journey, and you should continue to always strive to get BETTER every day. As the great Martin Rooney always says: “Make exercise, diet, and sleep some of your BEST friends and you will learn to defeat some of your worst enemies.”


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: I’ve been asked about meals and snacks a lot lately, so I thought this sample menu might help out. Make sure to keep portion sizes in control. Eat till you are 80% full. Keep foods REAL & organic when possible. A balanced meal/snack is essential for optimal results.


Class update:

  • TONIGHT: Only 3 reservations for FLEX! Need at least 4 to keep it ON…so SIGN UP!
  • TOMORROW: Weigh Ins…&…HURRICANES! Let’s end this week RIGHT!
  • SATURDAY: 8:30am SPIN (& only 1 reserved!) Need 4 to keep it! 10-11:15am FIT & FLEX


CREATE your BEST today!