Thoughts provoke ACTION!

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The “W.O.W. = ACTION! You want to get STRONGER? It starts with how you THINK! Think strong…and take ACTION!

“Instead of thinking a problem is too tough, think about how to solve it.
Instead of thinking you are not good enough, think about how to be better.
Instead of thinking your situation is bad, think about how to improve it.
Instead of thinking you don’t know enough, think about how to find out.
Instead of thinking you are out of shape, think about how to fix it.

In the end, your success (or lack thereof) will be a product of how you think.”

~Martin Rooney


The Dailey SMOOTHIE Recipe: TROPICAL COCONUT! This tasty treat is a great refresher on a hot summer day and can gain even more bang for the buck with a scoop of protein powder! Give yourself & your kids THIS for a treat on a hot summer day!

1 & ½ cup coconut water

2 cups frozen pineapple chunks

2 medium bananas

2 cups Orange Juice (fresh squeezed-not from container!)

Blend & Serve!!!!


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