Thur Dailey Mail 1/3/13

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Hey there New Year Resolutioners!

Oh WAIT! You didn’t wait until the New Year to get fit…YOU committed to getting MORE FIT through the holidays…so YOU don’t get lumped in with the masses of people who procrastinated! YEAH BABY!

We are 3 days into the new year, and I hope you have already started to CREATE your best year ever!

Did you know that there are 525,600 minutes in a year? That’s a LOT of minutes, RIGHT?! That means you have approximately 525,538 minutes left in the 2013 bank. Spend them wisely! Use more minutes doing things that light up your soul, make you smile, and ultimately bring happiness & good health to your life. Minutes devoted to worry, fear, anger, & negative thoughts are wasted…and you will NOT be able to get them back.

How are you going to spend your precious minutes this year?

The “a la carte” class week has been phenomenal so far! There is still a Flex class tonight at 6pm, as well as 2 Functional Fitness classes in the morning at 6 & 9:30. Help! Let me know if you are coming to either class tomorrow! I seem to have lost my list of RSVP’s! The more the merrier & recruit a friend to try it for free!

Don’t forget the official month of Jan classes starts Monday! From there on out, we are moving to a NEW system of a 28 day payment schedule (every 4 weeks) so that we can just keep a continuous class schedule running from one month to the next…regardless of short/long months! If you haven’t already paid for Jan…BRING YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT card to your next class get signed up with EFT autopay!

THE DAILEY CHALLENGE: SPEND 10 QUALITY MINUTES TODAY writing a thank you note or just a “thinking of you” letter to someone that would never expect it. Handwritten notes sent by good ole “snail mail” are so much more personal than email & texts, and can make someone’s day!



p.s. your Dailey thought…

“Being busy is not an excuse for you to live an unhealthy life. Plan your time wisely. Make time for working out and other activities.” ~Author Unknown