Tick Check!!!

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Happy Sunday Weekend Warriors!

It’s TIME! Time to get your mindset laser focused on the week ahead. Katie gave us inspiration on Saturday with one of my favorite quotes: “MOTIVATION is what gets you started. HABIT is what keeps you going.” It’s not enough to have goals and WANT to reach them…you have to put forth the effort and do the work in order to attain them. Habit is the stuff you do day in and day out, without even thinking about it. This week, replace one habit that is holding you back with one that will push you towards success!


The Dailey TICK Tip: Tick season is HERE! You might have even found one on you or your pet already. DID YOU KNOW…that you shouldn’t kill and discard that tick once you pull them off? SAVE IT! Put it in a wet paper towel inside of a ziplock in the fridge. If you develop symptoms associated with Lyme disease, rocky mount spotted fever, or other tick borne illness…the Dr. can analyze the LIVE tick to be sure of your diagnoses!


CLASS UPDATE: SIGN UP! Make your plan for the week NOW! You are much more likely to get your workouts in if you sign up for your classes for the whole week than if you try to play it day by day. Schedule it and plan your days around the workouts for best results! Here’s the lineup for the fitness classes at the studio this week: (Note any class with less than 4 rsvp’s will be cancelled!)

  • Mon-Sprint/Tabata (Metabolic)
  • Tue-Total Body Strength/Conditioning (Resistance)
  • Wed-Patch/Movement Patterns/Core
  • Fri-Total Body Strength/Conditioning
  • Sat-Fit & Flex


“Your Time is the most important currency you will ever possess. Where it is spent will determine your future” ~Martin Rooney