Use what you have! No holding back!

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New week ahead!

Monday morning is ALMOST here….and you have a choice. You can GIVE ALL YOU GOT or you can HOLD BACK.

“Don’t confuse procrastination with lack of ability. When you procrastinate, have what you should use. You don’t use what you have when you should.” ~Martin Rooney

This quote will remind you that you have what it takes. Now you just have to use it. No PROCRASTINATING this week! Put your workouts on your schedule (& sign up NOW for the whole week if you are coming to the studio!). Plan your meals & do the prep work so you have nutrition ready to go for tomorrow. Get to bed EARLY so you can get a jump start on the week!


The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: EAT YOUR GREENS!!! If you don’t already know which greens are packing the biggest nutrient PUNCH…then check out this article!  Which ones do YOU eat every week?


Eat Well.

Train Hard.