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“When I lost all of my excuses I found my results.”

If you are going to LOSE anything today, I would suggest your EXCUSES. Funny, but when you get rid of them, your RESULTS are much easier to FIND. ~Martin Rooney


The “W.O.W.” (word of the week) = COMMITMENT! If you want to reach your goals…you’ve gotta have it! Whether you have work, relationship, health, fitness, or even rest goals…if you don’t fully commit to doing what’s necessary to achieve it, you will find yourself constantly starting over! This week get serious about ONE aspect of your life that you keep falling short and COMMIT to creating change.


This Week’s Fitness Class Lineup:


Tuesday- Total Body Strength & Conditioning

Wednesday-Metabolic Circuit

Thursday- Balanced Body in Motion-Movement Patterns & Total Body Conditioning

Friday- Total Body Strength & Conditioning

Saturday- Metabolic Circuit!

  • Speaking of COMMITMENT, not ONE of the Monday classes has enough COMMITTED to hold a class. WHOA! What’ up with that? It’s time…COMMIT to starting your week with a great workout! Your mind and body with THANK YOU! Don’t forget, in fairness to instructors/students sleep, the cutoff for signing up for 6am classes is 9:30pm the night before any 6am class!