What Are You Waiting For? JUST START!

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Our yard was a mess! A complete disaster! It looked the worst it has ever looked, and my husband and I were embarrassed at how long we had let it go, and instead, made everything else in life a priority. We knew couldn’t ignore it any longer as the once beautiful lawn and flower gardens were now an eyesore…not only for us, but for our neighbors too! So, we made the commitment to dedicate a full weekend to take a little pride in our outdoor space.

With tools in hand, we stood there looking around (and at each other) and became immediately overwhelmed. ‘WHERE DO WE START?’ The truth is there was no great place to start. Every starting point posed a challenge. Nothing was going to be easy.

As I put my head down and got into the thick of it, I immediately wanted to quit. I kept thinking I should just pay someone else to do it. Then I started to get mad at myself for letting the yard get so overgrown and out of control in the first place. So I was chipping away at it, one weed at a time, when I had an A-HA moment! This is exactly the same thing one experiences when they are trying to jumpstart their fitness and health program. They are overwhelmed, embarrassed they let themselves get so out of shape, and they have no idea where to start…or how. Many straight out FEAR every part of the unknown journey ahead! At this moment…my energy changed. I had to take a dose of my own coaching-and suck it up buttercup! For the last 19 years as a fitness coach I have encouraged people to start with small steps and build momentum, stop making excuses, stop looking for a quick fix, and for the love of God, stop complaining about how bad it is and just DO SOMETHING about it! Talking and complaining about the task in front of me was not going to make it happen, I just had to take ACTION! Sound remotely familiar?

Rome was not built in a day, and nor will you reach optimal levels with health and fitness. Just as with my yard project, attacking your health and fitness goals can be handled with the same approach. Honestly, I think this applies to just about ANY aspect of your life you have let go or never even started. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed or stuck in a rut, here are a few tips to simply your plan of attack!

  1. JUST START! Don’t wait, DO IT! Take one step in the right direction, and don’t quit or give up, no matter how daunting your end result may be. The first step is usually the hardest, but it is necessary to gain momentum. One small step today will lead to another tomorrow.
  2. A LITTLE ON TOP OF A LITTLE ADDS UP TO A LOT! I’ve already mentioned that Rome wasn’t built in a day…nor will you reach that big goal on your first attempt. It takes time. Chip away at your masterpiece. Enjoy the journey and learn something along the way! There is no instant gratification, but there are daily victories. Celebrate them and gain momentum from them!
  3. DO IT WITH SOMEONE! Having a partner in crime is not only more fun, but there is automatic accountability. Studies show that people who train in a group get better results than those that go at it alone. I believe the same is true for any other aspect of life as well. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!
  4. STRIVE FOR PERSISTENCE, NOT PERFECTION! There’s no such thing as perfect, and you can make yourself crazy trying to achieve perfection. Persistence and consistency pays off! Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Just stay the course and remember that everything counts!
  5. NEVER GIVE UP! There will be times that you are tired, you make mistakes, or fall behind. It happens to everyone. No matter what, you’ve got to keep going. Obstacles will get in your way and setbacks are inevitable…but it’s overcoming them that will build your mental and physical capacity. Nothing great in life comes easy, but the hard work is always worth it!

In the end, we did not finish our yard project. Honestly, it will never end because there will always be continued growth and maintenance required. But we got a handle on it…we got started and gained momentum. Just as with your goals, health and fitness included, it’s an ongoing journey. You’re never done. Embrace this concept as a part of life, and take one small step to gain momentum…and KEEP GOING!

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