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Today kicks off the 1st day of classes for 2013! This year, we get BETTER at everything we set our minds to!

Tonight…6pm…Functional Fitness…IT’S GO TIME!!!

There are BIG changes in store for Dailey Fitness in 2013, and I am implementing NEW systems to make your experience BETTER than ever to deliver BIGGER results!

I am super excited about one of the NEW systems in place: EFT payment!

Out with the OLD, in with the NEW! Checks are a thing of the past & a waste of paper! GO GREEN with me by making the switch to EFT! Good news, is that you can use a credit card OR your debit card if you still want to have the $ drafted from checking. So really, nothing will be any different! Just one less check to write. A few of you have already gotten on board with EFT, but starting Feb 1, I need EVERYONE to be on board! Automated systems cut down on paperwork, and from a business perspective it will free many hours each month that I can dedicate to YOU…not “the office”.

The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: SPAGHETTI SQUASH INSTEAD OF PASTA! Whether you are trying to lose a few lbs in the new year or just looking to clean up your diet, substituting spaghetti squash is a super healthy addition to your dinner plate. Cook them just like any other winter squash: scoop out the seeds and rub the inside with salt and olive oil, then roast in a 400° oven until the flesh is completely tender. Check it every 15 minutes or so, and it’s usually done after about 45 minutes. Use a fork to gently lift out the tender flesh in long delicious strands. Serve with your favorite pasta sauce, or use as a bed for just about any topping such as meat, fish, or vegetables.

This will be the LAST “a la carte” week of classes EVER with the new systems implemented in 2013! However, since the classes this week are not on a prepaid basis, I need RSVP’s to know if we have enough to make a class. To avoid your class(es) of choice being dropped this particular week, I need to know if you are in or not! We will add the class(es) you take this week to your Jan monthly balance, so no worries about paying as you go.


Friday: 6am & 9:30am FUNCTIONAL FITNESS

Which one(s) will you be attending???

*** Be sure to check your email prior to any class to be sure there has not been a change this week!

 p.s. your Dailey thought…”I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.” ~Henry Moore