Welcome to the month of AMAZING!

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“Quality means doing right when no one is looking” (Henry Ford)

Don’t just do the “right thing” when you are in front of your coach…you’ve got to do the “right thing” behind the coach’s back too! If you want to reach your biggest goals, you’ve got to dig deep & keep PERSISTENCE even when the odds are stacked against you. There will always be temptation to go half way with your efforts. But how A-MAZ-ING will the victory be when you go 100%?!


The Dailey RECIPE: Salmon cakes! I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to eat my favorite foods. I have never seen a flour-less recipe, so this one caught my eye! If nothing else, the avocado salad dressing is one I will certainly be adding to my salad rotation (with or without the salmon cakes!) Enjoy! http://foodbabe.com/2013/01/11/wild-salmon-cakes-with-avocado-arugula-salad/ Remember, it’s just as easy to EAT RIGHT as it is to eat wrong!!!


It’s July 1 & the first day of an AMAZING month!!! This month I will be delivering stories of AMAZING individuals in hopes to engage, educate, & inspire my students to recognize the AMAZING potential that exists within all of us! If YOU want to be inspired, I will see YOU in class!