What’s in YOUR yogurt?

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Nutrition is the FOCUS this week!

LOTS of questions bouncing around about food items we have been consuming for YEARS under the assumption they are “healthy”. Good marketing via dishonest food companies have been foiling our attempts to be healthy for years…and they are not backing off! Most of the common household brands are making us get fatter, and even making us sicker! I say this often…read labels and KNOW what you are eating. YOU are the only one who can truly take responsibility for your health…so the more educated you are the better! Food companies trust that we aren’t smart enough to dissect a label …and they disguise “crap” with lots of fancy words/names. Speaking of one food item that needs to be looked at closely…YOGURT!


The Dailey YOGURT Tip: KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING! Who eats Chobani???  DID YOU KNOW…. They feed their cows tons of GMO corn and soy (which is very unhealthy to the animals!) and claim to be “all natural” at the same time! Go for ORGANIC certified yogurt to stay GMO free. Not to mention one cup contains as much sugar as you are supposed to have in a whole day! Try Stonyfield or Straus or better yet, make your own from raw organic milk or nut milk!  http://www.takepart.com/article/2013/12/18/whole-foods-give-chobani-boot-over-gmos?cmpid=tp-ptnr-foodbabe

  • Yogurt was not on your TOP 20 list for a reason…but if you’re gonna eat it, get the good stuff!


Your Dailey Thought…

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