Why you should eat ORGANIC Potatoes!!!

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It’s FRIDAY the 13th!!!

Make it your LUCKY day!


“You can hold onto a lot of things in your life, but if you want to succeed, you just cannot hold back.” ~Martin Rooney


FATHER’S DAY is this weekend! I hope you will be celebrating ALL of the DADS in your life! We shouldn’t need a special day to let dad know how awesome he is…but take some time to give thanks, to honor, and to CELEBRATE him this weekend! Just in case you are having a special meal or cookout for him…be sure the potatoes are ORGANIC! Check out this article to find out why: http://livingmaxwell.com/health-risks-conventional-potatoes


AT THE STUDIO: Classes are ON for Saturday. SIGN UP! So far ZERO are on board for spin @ 8:30 and only THREE for the Metabolic workout at 10am. C’Mon guys! No more waiting till the last minute for these classes! Let’s get your sweat on & feel great tomorrow!


Train hard, Eat right, LIVE INSPIRED!