Your goals are MY goals!

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Your Dailey Thought…

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” ~ Napoleon Hill


Tomorrow is FRIDAY! If you are participating in the 6 week Mind & Body RESET…Friday is WEIGH IN DAY! If you have made a shift in your food intake to eliminate processed & fast  foods and are eating from that TOP 20 list…there is no reason to dread the scale tomorrow! At the Dailey Fitness studio…I have already witnessed some impressive changes so I know for a fact that some pounds have been shed! Weight loss isn’t the only thing we are tracking…so if you are already at your ideal body weight, we are also measuring many other CRUCIAL aspects of health. Energy levels, cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility…AND THEN SOME! Even if you aren’t coming into the studio to weigh in tomorrow, if you are allowing me to track your progress, I need your numbers! Email, text, or call me so I can log ‘em!


Your goals are MY goals. If you aren’t reaching them…I take it personally and I take it seriously! We have a 6 week DEADLINE for some really cool “DREAMS”. Know that you are WORTH the effort and I BELIEVE IN YOU!


Let’s KICK A$$ and take names!