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Dailey Mail 3/13/13

Another Hump Day has come and gone.
We are once again half way to the weekend!
WooHoo for weekends, RIGHT?!
“Do something today your future self will thank you for”. I LOVE this quote, and it is a perfect thought to go along with the “W.O.W.”-DISCIPLINE! It may be the END of this day, but think about these words as you start the day tomorrow. Every day, there will be a forks in the road and choices to make. No matter how hard life pushes you, be willing to stand up and push harder! Start by choosing YOU-even if no one else is! Appreciate what you have. Believe in yourself & your dreams. Be positive. Take action. Ignore negative people. Be proactive. Make time for fun & play! Don’t put something great off till tomorrow if doing it today will make tomorrow BETTER! After all, tomorrow is promised to none none of us…so make today COUNT!
The Dailey CHALLENGE: HOW LONG CAN YOU HOLD A PLANK? When was the last time you challenged this? Sure, you do planks all of the time in your workouts, RIGHT?! But you likely hold it for 30 seconds, a minute at best. So how long is your MAX? The Guinness book of world Records has the longest plank hold at 1hour & 20 minutes!! Check it out: INSANE!!! So what’s YOUR best number???
Peace & Health!


p.s. your Dailey thought…
” Confidence comes from DISCIPLINE and training.” ~Robert Kiyosaki

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