TFW Greensboro – Adult Group Training

A fitness community based on cooperation not competition. The community and culture at TFW Greensboro foster a challenging and motivating environment to empower you to reach your fitness goals. Training with a small group is a great way to give you accountability and camaraderie — plus, it’s just more FUN reaching goals together! Fitness is not “one size fits all”. Students of all fitness levels easily modify their training to suit where they’re at.

LIFE is a battlefield. We’re facing battles every day. The alarm clock, the food industry, the political environment, aging, the threat of disease. Training for Warriors Greensboro is a place where you’ll gain strength, confidence and a community — all geared toward helping you triumph over the various challenges in your day to day.

This is not your typical gym. TFW Greensboro is a coaching program providing individualized attention in a group setting. Motivation, encouragement, community, safety and accountability are the foundation of this program. Our coaches teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle, not quick fixes. This holistic approach sets us apart from other gyms. We track progress using state of the art tools such as InBody and Myzone, after all you can’t manage what you don’t measure. To top it off, we make fitness FUN!

Interested in Semi-Private or Private Training? If our group training schedule isn’t a good fit, we also offer semi-private and private training by appointment. Both options are ideal for individuals with very specific needs or small groups interested in team building. It’s the maximum personal experience at a great value. Grab your buddies, your workmates, your neighbors, your church group, your girlfriends — and imagine how fun it would be to get fit and strong together!

Every warrior needs a creed. This is ours, not only in training but in life: Strive to get 1% BETTER each day.

Getting started: The "STRATEGY SESSION"

We do things a little differently from other gyms. Rather than throwing you right into a training session (group or private), we like to get to know you first. It all starts with your personal strategy session. It's important to discuss your goals, interests, fears, past successes and failures. From that, we help you determine what level you should start at and give you the tools you need to succeed. Establishing baseline measurements as well as functional movement assessments allow us both to track your progress together and make sure you’re achieving your goals. We are committed to your success!

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