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Where can you gain the strength, self-awareness and confidence to face the battlefield of life — and triumph? In the dojo, that’s where. Based on the approach that successfully increased the performance and self-esteem of the world’s top athletes, Training for Warriors Greensboro believes that everyone, not just high-level athletes, should be able to move better, feel better and live, longer pain-free lives — regardless of your age or fitness level. Join the resistance!


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I love the classes and feel good. While I know I have more pounds to shed, I really want to feel strong, energetic and more agile. I feel like I’ve tried everything in the past...spin, boot camps, weight machines, swimming and step for years. In the last few months, I hit a huge brick wall and could not get motivated, felt sluggish, etc. I work from home and was doing my best to work out at home solo doing the ME workout, but really need that face to face encouragement, social connection with others and all that to pump me up....and you and the classes are providing just that.

Jeanne - Group Training

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