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Where can you gain the strength, self-awareness and confidence to face the battlefield of life — and triumph? In the dojo, that’s where. Based on the approach that successfully increased the performance and self-esteem of the world’s top athletes, Training for Warriors Greensboro believes that everyone, not just high-level athletes, should be able to move better, feel better and live, longer pain-free lives — regardless of your age or fitness level. Join the resistance!

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Training for Warriors has totally impacted my life.  I feel stronger and I have more confidence in my physical abilities.  I have never really participated in any athletic activities and lack of confidence certainly contributed to this.  I am not the fastest, most agile or most competitive in class.  However, I have gained the confidence not to worry about it and move at my own pace.  I have gained abilities in these areas that I did not have before.  And at my age, this is so empowering and really makes me happy.  I truly enjoy each class I attend.  No matter how hard we work, I feel better when I am done.  I feel a sense of accomplishment.  If I am feeling bad or having some general aches and pains, the classes always make me feel better and usually the aches and pains have disappeared.   I have learned so much about my body.  I have learned that for many years I have not been using my body parts the right way and overcompensating with other body parts (i.e. painful knees, bad posture).  I cannot undo overnight the years of overcompensation, however, this knowledge has helped me to decrease my pain and exercise has become more enjoyable.  I enjoy reading the tips in the e-mails and I do try to incorporate them into my life.  I am not always successful but I keep trying and continue to be open to all advice and suggestions.

Karen - TFW Member 3 yrs

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