12 Days of Christmas workout!!

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Happy Holiday WEEK!

If you are on this email distribution list, you have made an IMPACT on Dailey Fitness at some point in 2013. No matter whether your impact was only for a brief moment, or it was an evolution throughout the entire year…THANK YOU for making that impact and for allowing Dailey Fitness to touch your life in any way.


One of my great mentors said these words, which really spoke to me today: “Take a few moments in the last few days of 2013 to look back and be grateful not for the easy times, but for the challenges you experienced. These, you will see, were the best gifts the world gave you this year because they are the stones with which you sharpened your skills.” Martin Rooney This last year brought me great challenges, yet the strength built from those challenges allow me to look back with great pride for overcoming them. I encourage you to reflect on your own challenges throughout this year and be proud of the person those challenges have helped shape you into, and CELEBRATE the strength that resonates within.


As promised to those who endured this workout at the studio…the 12 days of Christmas workout! The studio may be closed…but this workout can be done ANYWHERE! I challenge YOU to rally the troops at your house and do this together! This is definitely one of those “challenges” (i.e. stones) that can sharpen your sills & STRENGTH!

Start with Day 1 and perform 1 rep. Just like the song is sung, as you add a day, you must work your way back to day 1!

Day 1: 20 (or more) second hover plank

Day 2: 2 T Pushup’s

Day 3: 3 plyo squats

Day 4: 4 sitting windshield wipers

Day 5: 5 pushups

Day 6: 6 lateral bounding lunge (each way!)

Day 7: 7 mountain climbers

Day 8: 8 jumping jacks

Day 9: 9 rocking chairs

Day 10: 10 Bohemian Lunges (plyo)

Day 11: 11 Plank-Windshield Wipers

Day 12: 12 Sit-out’s


‘Tis the season to reflect, remember, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.  

Much gratitude and love,