3 days left in 2014!

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The countdown is ON!!

Only 3 more days left in 2014 after today!

How are YOU going to end the year?


After a few days of total disconnect from emails, Facebook, and work…I’m READY to get back to the trenches to MOTIVATE you to finish this year STRONG! By now, you’ve either been successful in reaching all of your goals of 2014 or you haven’t. Regardless, You still have 3 days to make something happen! Take advantage of the gift of each day to do your BEST! Don’t wait for 2015 to do it!


The Dailey FAT BURNING Tip: GET MOVING! Studies show that MOVEMENT not only burns calories, it stimulates the nervous system, elevates your mood, increases cognitive health, and can improve self-esteem! Dailey Fitness Students-Sign up for your workouts for the week today! (note that there IS a 6am class on Wed, NO pm class on Wed, and gym is CLOSED on New Year’s Day) Not a student at Dailey Fitness? (first of all-you SHOULD be!) Don’t let that stop YOU from busting a MOVE! The best way to jump start your goals for 2015 is to get your sweat on before the year ends!


“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations.” –Jack Kinder

Expect the most of yourself! To be more…you’ve got to DO MORE! 1% BETTER every day!