Are you are WORRIER or a WARRIOR?

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The way I see it, you have already survived the worst day of your life! You have endured the worst thing that has happened to you so far. The sooner you recognize that, the sooner you will take on life’s next great challenge with confidence and strength.

When I got into the fitness industry back in 1998, I knew I wanted to help people…but I didn’t quite understand the magnitude of what my mission was, nor what being a “warrior” really meant. As I began making a positive impact on lives, the most profound message that would come back to me was not how grateful my clients were that I had helped them shed a few pounds or get physically stronger. Over and over, it was about overcoming a great obstacle, helping them face a demon, and empowering them to do things they never thought possible. I realized then that the training goes far beyond the workouts. That’s exactly why I adopted the Training for Warriors program 2013! The mission & core values of TFW are parallel to mine. The only difference is that now I can have a bigger impact on the world!

This brings me to the question: Are you a worrier or a warrior?

You see, we all are one of the two. And sometimes we have been BOTH…but never at the same time.

WORRIERS tend to move slowly through life filled with anxiety and caution, anticipating what could go wrong.  WARRIORS are ready for anything, focused on how they will overcome any obstacles that come their way. Instead of spending time worrying about all of the things that might happen, or allowing yourself to be buried beneath the rubble of what has happened, remind yourself that you can do ANYTHING! You are a WARRIOR, you just need to bring out your WARRIOR WITHIN!

Here are a few things you can do to immediately start bringing out your WARRIOR WITHIN:

  • Surround yourself with others on the same mission as you! Studies show that people go further and accomplish greater things when they are part of a group. Whether it’s group training, a mentorship, a study group, etc., as a group you can take on greater challenges.
  • Every setback is a chance for a COME BACK! Failure is inevitable. We will all be knocked down in life, but we can’t let ourselves stay down. Some of the greatest achievements in the world are the result of many failures. Let each setback be an opportunity to learn, grow and COME BACK stronger than before!
  • “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!” Great quote from Henry Ford. The mind is a powerful tool, and we often use it against ourselves because we don’t believe. Think about all the times you have given up and said “I can’t.” Well, my motto is this: The only way you can use the word “can’t” is if you attach the word “YET” to it!
  • Never give up! There will be days you feel like quitting, but you can’t! Remember that everything counts, and every small step makes a difference. Some days you will make more progress than others, but try not to let the days when you take a step backwards throw you completely off course. It happens; accept it as part of the journey and keep moving!

If you’re struggling to get ahead on your own, be a part of something bigger! Dailey Fitness/TFW Greensboro can help you bring out your WARRIOR WITHIN! Know that there is a great TEAM of like-minded people just like you at our DOJO. Feel free to contact us here to learn more:

You can do ANYTHING! You are a warrior!