Are you living your BEST?!

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“If I had just a year to live, how would I live differently? What exactly would I do?”.

We take this thought for granted. If you are awake, your eyes are open & your heart is beating, you might as well try to make it your BEST day. It’s going to be a lot tougher when those 3 things stop. Once you make today your BEST, you now have something to build upon. Tomorrow is promised to none of us…so feed your mind and body with positive dynamics, consuming foods that fuel strength-not weakness, & surrounding yourself with those that build you up-not break you down!


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: We’ve ALL binged on something we shouldn’t have lately, so here is a great blog post from Dr. Jillian Teta with WHAT to do if it happens to you! Keep in mind…this is not a fix that is intended to allow you to routinely BINGE without guilt or consequence.


Happy HUMP Day!!!