Be willing to fail!!!

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Lie #3: Success is Built on Success. (from Martin Rooney)
It is almost impossible to have success without first experiencing some level of failure. Think about how a baby learns to walk.  There are a lot of falls but through those falls, getting back up and trying again does she learn to walk.  The same philosophy holds true for anything that you do.  You have to be ready to fall.  You cannot have fear to fail.  Failing is learning. Failure is ok. Giving up is not.

Successful people have failed more than the less successful.  If there was one thing I have learned, successful people know how to “fail forward.”  You must first face and then embrace adversity to eventually reach success. It is not the failure itself, but the number of times you fail and keep going that makes the difference between a failure and champion. Your success, therefore, will be built on failure, shortcomings, defeats and the occasional tragedy.  History is nothing more than difficulty defeated by an eventual triumph of enthusiasm. Let your enthusiasm be stronger than the failures you experience and rewrite your own history.

Rooney Upgrade:  Success is Built on Failure.

The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: EAT ONLY REAL FOODS! You won’t FAIL at nutrition if you are eating foods found in their natural state, with no ingredient lists. Even better, pile lots of fruits and veggies on your plate at every meal/snack. You will find it quite hard to eat 700 calories in broccoli…but 700 calories out of a bag will hardly satisfy you & leave you wanting MORE!