Benefits of eating WATERMELON!

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It’s WEDNESDAY! The half way point of the week!

Whether you are focusing on your RE-COMMITMENT to an old goal, or chasing a new one…STAY FOCUSED! STAY DETERMINED! Keep your mindset RIGHT! YOU are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to…so GO BIG today & don’t let excuses litter your path!


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: EAT WATERMELON! This is definitely a fruit that is iconic for summertime fun! Did you know is it PACKED with health benefits? Turns out this sweet treat is an excellent source of Vit A (which supports eye health), Vit C for the immune system, Vit B6 for brain function, lycopene to protect skin from sun damage, potassium to help lower high blood pressure, & the amino acids citrulline & arginine that promote healthy heart function! Skip the fatty cookies & pies for dessert at your next picnic & eat some WATERMELON for a sweet & healthy treat!


6pm Functional Fitness class TONIGHT! If you don’t like the bigger classes, consider jumping into this one! With several regulars on vacation this week, it’s sure to be an intimate class! Great for getting lots of extra attention & assistance! Tomorrow…6am & 9:30am fitness, 6pm flex! Just a reminder since the new summer schedule started last week!


CREATE your BEST day today!


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“You are an essential part of all of life. Discover and delight in how very much you matter by using your time and energy to make life better.” ~Ralph Marston