BIG THANKS to our VETERANS (past, present, & future!)

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Happy Veterans Day!

Today we GIVE THANKS to all who have made/are making/& will make the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and our freedom! Our systems are not without flaws, & our gov’t & society is far from perfect…but we have so much to be grateful for in the USA. Most of us live a cozy, privileged life and don’t know what a true war feels like-and likely never will. Almost embarrassing to complain about our day to day challenges when others have shed blood, sweat, & tears for us to have such an existence. Today, count your blessings, and THANK a veteran who made it possible!


ONE more class of the day…6pm…Functional Fitness…and we are honoring our veterans with a military inspired workout! Only 4 signed up so far (but I bet there are more than that planning to come) GET ON IT! You DON’T want to miss this one!


Your Dailey Thought…

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. “Eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep is not any harder than eating wrong, a sedentary lifestyle and staying up too late. They are not any more physically difficult to do, they are just often more uncomfortable to do. If you want to succeed, your job is to start forcing yourself to act differently than you feel.” Martin Rooney


The “W.O.W.” (words of the week) = WHATEVER IT TAKES! How are you using those words today to get out of YOUR comfort zone in at least one area of your life? You have goals to reach! It’s time to stop making excuses & do WHATEVER IT TAKES to reach them!