Bloat Buster Recipe…

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Happy HUMP Day!!!

Hope you are having an “AND THEN SOME” kind of week!

Yesterday, I was listening in on a webinar coach call and one of my affiliates brought up something that most of us completely forget. The “WHY” behind anything we do. We often get so focused on WHAT we want to accomplish (& all of the obstacles in our way) that we forget the most important thing….the driving force, the “WHY” you are doing anything in the first place. Too often we give up on the end result we seek because we get overwhelmed with the “little stuff” littering our path to success. (excuses, procrastination, limitations, limiting belief system, etc.) The “W.O.W.” = AND THEN SOME! Picture your big objective/goal…your end result. Now, do everything in your power-AND THEN SOME, to reach it. Don’t get hung up on the little stuff (the details) that might be holding you back. All roads to success are cluttered with obstacles. It’s up to YOU to remember WHY your goal is so important to you-and how sweet the victory will be when you have MADE IT HAPPEN!


They Dailey BLOAT BUSTER Drink: This is a great & refreshing beverage that has amazing digestive benefits. Keep it on hand in your fridge, or serve it up to guests as an alternative to plain water:

6 Cups filtered water

1 Tbsp Fresh grated ginger

1 cucumber sliced

1 lemon sliced

1/3 cup mint leaves

Let the mixture infuse overnight in a pitcher…and drink up the next day!


“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or out. There’s no such thing as a life in-between.” ~Pat Riley


Set a NEW & GRAND goal for this month…make a note of WHY it’s so important…and let nothing stop you from success!