Cherish the gifts you have been given…

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“Before you remove sugar, fat, carbs, dairy, cholesterol, & gluten to improve your life…maybe you should start with your fear, doubt, TV, video games, couch, & excuses.” ~Martin Rooney

Most of us look to the latest “fad”, trend, or magic pill to “fix” us, or point at other external sources contributing to our lack of success….when most often we just need to look in the mirror & be honest with ourselves, take responsibility, & change a few habits-start DOING WHAT WE KNOW-to reach our full potential!


The Dailey HEALTH Tip: PROBIOTICS ANYONE?! If you’re not taking one…you might want to consider it.  Here is a fantastically informative blog post from Dr. Jillian Teta (Winston-Salem) about WHAT they do, HOW they help, and what you want to look for in a good probiotic. I don’t know anyone that would not find benefit, but if you have food sensitivities, GI distress, or digestive issues…there is no doubt that a probiotic will help you!


CHRISTMAS IS ONE WEEK AWAY!!! As you gear up for the holiday ahead, take a moment each and every day to cherish the gifts you already have been given. Most of these gifts didn’t come neatly wrapped in a box. In fact, many of the gifts were given to you by your family & friends in the form of love, friendship, & trust-even hugs & kisses! Be grateful for these gifts…and GIVE MORE of the same!


The countdown is ON! 14 days left in 2014! How will YOU close the year??