Chia seeds for weight loss!

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Happy HUMP Day!

½ way to checking off everything on that TOP 5 list…& ½ way to the weekend! Speaking of weekend…If you are around town this weekend, and want to come check out the new Dailey Fitness facility…I will be there all day Sat PAINTING! (Well, until 4 or 5pm). Come by to take a quick tour…OR…if you want to grab a brush & lend a hand I won’t tell you NO! The more we get done this weekend, the faster we can MOVE IN!


The Dailey WEIGHT LOSS Tip: EAT CHIA SEEDS! Chia seeds won’t actually make you lose weight, but they CAN help suppress your appetite so you can end the food cravings that cause you to eat too much & hold onto the extra lbs. Substitute just ONE snack a day with Chia seeds and kiss those annoying cravings to the curb! Try drinking 2 tbsp after breakfast in a glass of water (drink it quick before it starts to congeal). If afternoons are your weak time, do the same after lunch…and you might be surprised that you even consume less calories at dinner too! These healthy little seeds are also a great addition to your morning oatmeal & in salads too!


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