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Monday MANIA!

PERSEVERANCE is our “W.O.W”…so lock it into your mindset! I received some great words from one of my mentors, Martin Rooney, today that I MUST share:

“Mediocre men think INSPIRATION is needed to produce HARD WORK, while the SUCCESSFUL learn that HARD WORK often produces INSPIRATION’!

PERSEVERE no matter what obstacles, limitations, or procrastination you might face. I coach people day after day that spend more time making excuses than getting stuff done. Be BETTER than that! DO what others just TALK ABOUT doing!


The Dailey FUN FOOD FACT: Artichokes contain a whopping 10g of fiber and taste delicious. They are rich in prebiotics, which help nourish and feed beneficial bacteria. Your beneficial bacteria use prebiotics in part to generate short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which your cells that line the GI tract then use for fuel. So, make your gut microbiome happy and eat an artichoke!


CLASS UPDATE: Tomorrow we WILL have both 6am AND 7:30am Functional Fitness! (The 7:30 was requested for tomorrow, so ASK & YOU SHALL RECEIVE!). The 6pm Flex class is still on as usual as well. Looking forward to having a few vacationers back this week! WooHoo!