Dailey CHALLENGE: Random acts of kindess!!!

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Hope you have had a productive week filled with many successes & victories! Celebrate your accomplishments this weekend BEFORE you gear up to set your new TOP 5 list! Allow yourself to slow down long enough to recognize that your hard work is worth it! YOU are worth it!


As the weekend is upon us, let your focus shift to REST! Recovery is as important as training. Your body will not function at its optimal level without daily recovery. Next week is a new week filled with opportunity, and we must rest up to be PREPARED for great moments!


*** CHANGE OF SCHEDULE for the next 2 weeks due to Labor Day weekend! ***

Go to www.daileyfitness.com to check what’s available! (No Friday class next week!) Thinking of ADDING a fitness or flex @ 9:30 on Tues or Wed…REQUESTS?!?


The Dailey CHALLENGE: PAY IT FORWARD! Some of the greatest moments we experience are the unexpected pleasant surprises that show up in our inboxes, are paid to us in compliments, or happen to be “gifts” big or small for no apparent reason. I find that one of the best ways to make my day better is to do something kind, a random act of kindness if you will, for an unsuspecting soul. There is nothing more rewarding than to see a pure genuine smile of gratitude or feel the appreciation from their energy. Today I challenge you to take an extra few minutes & drop a random act of kindness to someone-especially a stranger! It’s absolutely FREE, and the value is PREICELESS! Just be sure to tell them to “pay it forward” so you can be a part of positively impacting this world…one person at a time!


Your Dailey thought…

Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle—Plato


Have an incredible weekend!