Dailey Mail 1/16/13

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You made it! Half way through the week now & hopefully CRUSHING your weekly goals!

How are YOU planning to end this week? Are you going to finish STRONG with a sense of accomplishment? Stay true to the commitments you have made for yourself this week. Be better than procrastination & excuses! Remember this fact: You can have excuses, or you can have results…but you can’t have both!

The Dailey ENERGY BOOSTING Tip: EAT KIWI!! This little fuzzy green fruit is becoming well known for it’s many health benefits. One thing people aren’t so aware of is it’s energy boosting ability. Bite for bite, this is one of the most nutrient packed, energizing superfoods in the produce section. It’s loaded with magnesium which revs up your energy level. High levels of Potassium gives you the “get up and go” you need before a workout. Just one kiwi has about 270% of the daily recommended Vitamin C, to provide antioxidant benefits. Eat 2 a day (approx 200 calories) might be your “game changer” when it comes to your energy! Serve on salads, eat as midday snack paired with almonds or cottage cheese, or even puree with a touch of sugar or agave nectar & pour over frozen yogurt for a fantastic dessert!

CLASS UPDATE: Tonight, Functional Fitness at 6pm! It may be cold & wintery outside, but be prepared to SWEAT inside tonight! If you can’t make it tonight, we have 2 Functional Fitness classes at 6am & 9:30am on Thursday AND Friday!!!

Thank you for being such a BRIGHT SPOT in my week!



p.s. your Dailey thought…

“Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be.” ~Robert Brault