Dailey Mail 1/29/13

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Hello BEAUTIFUL People!!!

WHAT an amazing day! It is fantastic outside (at least is is here in Greensboro)! If you haven’t gotten out there for even a quick minute…you’ve gotta do it! Freezing rain yesterday – 66 & sunny today…can we say “SPRING FEVER”?!?! I Get it while it lasts!

“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.” ~Soren Kierkegaard

What are the dominant thoughts that consume you from day to day? Do you constantly struggle to get the results you want, or to reach your goals? Maybe there is a correlation to consider. Get your mindset RIGHT! Worry, fear, anxiety, & anger waste precious energy that we could be using to progress. Let go of the things you cannot control & focus more energy on the things you CAN control!

The Dailey LONG LIFE Tip: EAT APPLES!!! An apple a day just might really keep the Dr. away! Apples may be the ultimate longevity MVP! They are loaded with fiber, antioxidants, folate and vitamin E to fight Alzheimer’s, and a flavonoid called quercetin that protects the brain against the oxidative stress of daily life. Paired with a protein like peanut butter, apples are a great midday snack & can provide the sugar kick you crave! Slice ’em up and put on salads, add to sandwiches, or puree them in a food processor to make your own applesauce! There are endless ways to enjoy this fabulous fruit!

Class update: Tonight, 6pm, Functional FLEX! Come RELAX, realign your body, & gain some new “body awareness” as to why your aches and pains keep coming back.

INTEGRATE!!! The “W.O.W.”…what are you INTEGRATING today to create a greater & more positive impact on your day?


p.s. your Dailey thought…

“Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.”

~Author Unknown