Dailey Mail 2/10/13

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Happy Sunday FUNday everyone!

What a gorgeous weekend! I hope you all got your dose of sunshine & fresh air as it looks to be a wet few days ahead! Get your raincoats & goulashes out and get ready to CREATE your own sunshine! There is no reason we can’t CREATE the best week ever!

This week’s “W.O.W.” is DETERMINATION! Let me tell you, ANYTHING is possible when we have enough DETERMINATION behind our efforts. DETERMINATION is a mindset of being willing to do whatever it takes to follow your top priorities. Nothing can keep you down for long when you are DETERMINED to succeed. How can DETERMINATION empower you to perform at a higher level this week? Set your TOP 5 list for the week with DETERMINATION to cross them all off…AND THEN SOME!!!

CLASS UPDATE: Functional Fitness tomorrow at 6am and 6pm! Early birds…I can ASSURE you that I WILL have the keys for the 6am class! I am DETERMINED to start this week off with some awesome energy! HUGE favor: let me know who’s coming to the 6am! I have some tricks up my sleeve, but need to have a head count to make it work.

The Dailey MENTAL HEALTH Tip: GO TO BED EARLY TONIGHT! Mondays come at us fast and furious! Start your week STRONG by getting an extra hour of shut eye tonight! Studies prove that we are much better at handling stress, problem solving, and are more productive when we are well rested!




p.s. your Dailey thought…

“You’ve got to get up every morning with DETERMINATION if you are going to go to bed with satisfaction.” ~George Lorimer