Dailey Mail 2/17/13

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Hey Sunday FUNday fans!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow is President’s Day! Whether you are enjoying the holiday off work or not, start your week strong with EXERCISE!

Get MOVING on MONDAY! Come take a Dailey Fitness Functional Fitness class, bundle up and get outside for a good walk/run/bike ride, or hit the gym!

However you can…for however long you can…GET MOVING!

The W.O.W. is BELIEF! This is one of the most important ingredients for success. It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete, business professional, coach, actor, or just an every day “Joe or Jane”…you must BELIEVE in yourself. From weight loss goals to climbing the corporate ladder to building your legacy…it all starts with BELIEF that your dream is possible. It’s easy to BELIEVE when things are going well. Not so easy when there’s trouble. There you are, staring at adversity, feeling alone, that’s when your belief is really tested. And that’s when you need it most. Some of you know this because you have lived it already. For others, it may be just around the bend. How is your BELIEF right now? This week, BELIEVE in yourself to achieve your biggest goal. You CAN do it!

CLASS UPDATE: Who’s coming to the Monday Fitness classes? 6am & 6pm?! Come 1, come all…but let me know you are coming! I need to know how many to set up for.

The DAILEY CHALLENGE: 60 SECONDS of MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS!!! How many can you do in 1 minute? When done at a fast pace, the mountain climber is both a strengthening and conditioning drill. It’ll sculpt your core from every angle and skyrocket your metabolism, so you’ll burn stubborn belly fat long after you’re finished. Get after it, do as many reps as possible & let me know your number!



p.s your Dailey thought…

“If you can BELIEVE it, you can achieve it.” ~Rocky Balboa