Dailey Mail 2/21/13

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It’s THURSDAY! That means the weekend is just about here!

How will YOU end this week?! Hopefully with lots of GOALS REACHED & SUCCESS!

In case you hit an obstacle or two this week, it’s time to test your BELIEF! “A setback is simply a set up for a comeback!” ~Willie Jolley

No matter how many steps it takes, no matter how deflated you feel for not reaching a goal…COME BACK with a goal to become BETTER than ever! Take pride in the climb to reach your personal best. Believe in yourself. You will get there!

IMPORTANT CLASS UPDATE: Weather permitting…classes WILL be ON tomorrow at 6am & 9:30am!! I NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING-OR NOT-& WHEN! It is my understanding at this time that we will be getting minimal precip here…turning to rain tomorrow late morning/afternoon. In the event of school delays or cancellations…BRING THE KIDS!! We can let them “play” with us OR set them up with a movie in the TV room if you bring one. **BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL PRIOR TO YOUR CLASS ON FRIDAY TO BE SURE IT HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED-just in case!

The Dailey NUTRITION Tip: EAT YOUR MICROGREENS! They may be tiny, but a new study shows trendy microgreens punch well above their weight when it comes to nutrition. Microgreens are young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs harvested less than 14 days after germination. They are usually about 1-3 inches long and come in a rainbow of colors, which has made them popular in recent years as garnishes with chefs. Multiple studies have connected belly fat to chronic levels of inflammation and cortisol, the stress hormone. However, high doses of vitamin C have been shown to decrease cortisol levels after stressful events. Microgreens like red cabbage, cilantro, & radishes provide nutrients at a super high concentration. In fact, they have 4 to 6 times the nutrients than mature leaves of the same plant. Red cabbage microgreens have the highest amount of vitamin C, which is 6 times higher than the amount found in mature red cabbage. Don’t hesitate to add some into your salad during lunch.

Everyone do your ANTI-SNOW/ICE dance tonight!

p.s. your Dailey thought…”BELIEF in oneself is one f the most important bricks in building any successful venture.” ~Lydia M. Child