Dailey Mail 2/4/13

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Monday! Does it have to set the tone for the week?

Ever have one of those days that starts out challenging from the moment you hit the snooze button on your alarm? Today was THAT kind of day for me! The horrific sound of the alarm caught me in such a deep state of sleep that I literally JUMPED. Almost dreadfully, I dragged myself to the bathroom to get ready to MOTIVATE my Monday 6am functional fitness crew…only to arrive at the club to find NO KEYS to the building in my possession! The balmy 29 degree temp outside was not enticing for an outdoor workout & the thought of bagging the class all together did cross my mind for a split second. But how would my negative mindset affect someone else’s day? I’ll tell you! If my class members drug themselves out of bed only to arrive & find their class cancelled…they too would have gotten their day off on the wrong foot. And the odds of their negative start to the day could have affected everyone in their path, and the snowball effect could have gone on endlessly! So I had a CHOICE to make… figure out a way to turn a negative into a positive, or ruin countless other people’s day. Thankfully there is a key box with a spare key to the club outside, so we got in! I still didn’t have the key to my closet of “tricks”, but at least we were INSIDE! We had a CHALLENGING & unplanned “No Equipment Necessary” workout & everyone’s day was off to a great start!

I tell you this story to remind you that you have a CHOICE about how your day will turn out each and every day. How will you CHOOSE the outcome of your week to be?

CLASS UPDATE: Tonight, 6pm…I WILL have my key & we WILL have equipment out! Get ready for a high energy workout! Tomorrow, we’ll get after it again with 2 morning Functional Fitness classes at 6am & 9:30am…followed by an reviving FLEX class at 6pm! If you are coming to flex, I’d LOVE to know ahead of time what ails you so I can tailor the class to meet YOUR needs!

The Dailey TOOTHACHE Tip: CHEW ON A CLOVE! Since I have several clients with some dental issues going on…here’s a fun tip I found for a natural remedy to soothe the pain! Put a whole clove in your mouth, moisten it and bite down once or twice. The essential oil that’s released has been show to have both analgesic and antibacterial properties, which can be particularly helpful in case bacteria instigated the toothache. I can’t say that I have tried this to tell you it works, so let me know if you try it and it works!

The W.O.W. is FIRST-CLASS! What are you doing today that is FIRST-CLASS?

Make good CHOICES today!


p.s. your Dailey thought…

“Don’t be afraid of change because it is leading you to a new beginning.” ~Joyce Meyers