Dailey Mail 3/12/13

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Hello to my fitness friends!
I hope this email finds you slowly adjusting to the time change. In my opinion, the yawns are well worth the extra hour of daylight! Spring is on it’s way!
The “W.O.W.” (word of the week) is DISCIPLINE…and I am here to CHALLENGE yours! How often are YOU blowing off your exercise program lately? How often are you grabbing fast-food to go, rather than physically making a healthier alternative? Where is your DISCIPLINE? March is THE biggest drop off month when it comes to the New Year’s resolutions & goals! Momentum gets disrupted by kids starting up spring sports, spring break, Easter travels, work travels, etc. Once you succumb to the disruptions, it’s hard to get back on track with health & fitness. RECOMMIT TODAY! Cancel another appointment on your schedule, but NOT your workout! Leave the dishes in the sink or other chores undone, but MAKE TIME to prepare a healthy snack for yourself! You only get one chance to live a healthy life…and it will require DISCIPLINE to live your best!
The Dailey FITNESS Tip: WARM-UP BAREFOOT!!! It’s no secret that I am a big fan of barefoot running & minimalist shoes (for those that are willing and able to give it a try). Whether you think “running” barefoot is good or bad, consider the importance of strengthening good posture AND correcting your foot strike for better mobility with less overall impact. I dug up this old article and hope you will find it worth the read on the subject. Be sure to look at the link for the video about 1/2 way through the article to see a great warm-up activity! It could change the way you run!
CLASS UPDATE: Flex tonight at 6! If you’ve put in some hard work & sweat equity already this week, Flex is a fantastic balance to calm your mind and body. Wednesday, we just have ONE class…6pm Functional Fitness! Let me know if you are coming!
p.s. your Dailey thought…
“DISCIPLINE is remembering what you want.” ~David Campbell
DO NOT let your goals slip from your vision! Remember to “end your day before it starts”!