Dailey Mail 3/18/13

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Motivational MONDAY!
Mondays can be tough,especially when they are cold and grey! Today we all need to get some MOTIVATION to carry us through the week! Before you set forth to CRUSH some goals, I want you to reflect back on where you have been? What have you already accomplished in the last days, weeks, months, or last YEAR that has made you a better person? What can you look back on and remember how HARD it was at first, and can now smile as you do it with ease? CELEBRATE that moment, and let it fuel your fire to attack your next venture with confidence! You have a LOT to be proud of!
This week’s “W.O.W.” (Word of the Week) = SIMPLICITY! Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be simple is to be great.” What are the simple things that you do on a daily and weekly basis that “work” for you? Way too often we try to implement too many changes at once, or multitask to the point we never truly achieve success with any one thing. What can you SIMPLIFY in your LIFE and business to “play” at a higher level, and be more effective? Where should you prioritize your time to focus on improving this area?
THE DAILEY CHALLENGE: SIGN UP FOR THE 2013 BEERUN! http://oldtownbeerun.com/Next Sunday, March 24 is the 13th annual BEERUN hosted by Old Town Draft House. Start time is 3pm. It’s a 5 mile road race & 1 mile Fun Frolic. You don’t have to run or drink beer to support this good cause . All proceeds go to the Special Olympics. There will be live music, & plenty of great people watching going on at this event, so bring the family for an afternoon of fun! I’d LOVE to have HUGE Dailey Fitness crew cheering each other on! Let me know you are going to be there! If you don’t already have one, I’m giving Dailey Fitness T-shirts to those who come to participate OR cheer us on! (I need to know your size!)
CLASS UPDATE: NO CLASSES ON MON. APRIL 1! (Easter Monday!) Make a note of that in your calendar if you are typically a Monday regular! Game on THIS week though! We have full schedule of classes lined up to SIMPLIFY the workout element of your total health agenda! Just show up ready to CREATE change, & I will lead you forward!
p.s. your Dailey thought…
“The greatest step towards a life of SIMPLICITY is to learn to let go.” ~Steve Maraboli