Dailey Mail 3/20/13

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Happy 1st Day of SPRING!!!
I LOVE this time of year! The days are getting longer! Trees are budding, the grass is starting to grow again, flowers are beginning to bloom all around us. CHANGE is in the air! As we begin the transition into a new season, think about your own transition. How are you going to create positive change in your life? How will you “blossom” into the BEST version of yourself? Make a plan for it now, and commit to it. If you have been “babysitting” any particular personal goals…maybe it’s time to try a fresh approach to reach them. Take a new path. MAKE IT HAPPEN!
The Dailey METABOLISM RECHARGING Tip: TRIFECTA EFFECT-PRACTICE EVERYTHING IN 3’s! Eating small meals/snacks more often can stimulate your metabolism to keep it working at it’s optimal level. When you go longer in between meals, your body goes into “hoarding” mode and tries to hold onto any calorie it can get…which ends up becoming stored as fat! Avoid this “fat trap” by giving your body what it needs! The trifecta effect is this: Eat every 3 hours. Divide your plate into thirds – 1/3 protein, 1/3 good carbs, 1/3 good fat. Of course, always load up on as many veggies as you can. As long as they are raw/steamed you can eat away! (No one has ever gotten fat from eating their veggies!)
CLASS UPDATE: Tonight, Fitness at 6pm! Tomorrow…we have 6am & 9:30am fitness, followed by 6pm flex! Don’t forget to give me the head’s up (if you haven’t already) as to what class(es) you are attending!
p.s. your Dailey thought…
Make your positive thoughts become your actions. Make your positive actions become your life. Make your positive life become your story.”