DIET does not mean food restriction!

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Magnificent, SUNNY, Monday!

I’m LOVIN’ the sunshine today. So it’s a little muggy out there, but we could all use a little Vitamin D after the rainy gray days/weeks around these parts! Step outside and soak it up, if only for a few minutes!


The Dailey ARTHRITIS Tip: TAKE FOOD NOT PILLS!!! Sure the pills give you the “quick fix” and mask the pain…but the reality is that those joints are still grinding away and you just can’t feel it when you take pain meds. If you won’t take the time to catch up with me to put together a menu of corrective ecises that specifically target your imbalances & dysfunction creating the problem/arthritis/pain at hand…then eat foods that help to lubricate the joints & reduce inflammation. There are many good ones, but these are the TOP 5 on the list: Coconut Oil; Olive Oil; Turmeric; Fresh Ginger; & Epsom Salt. Google ways you can use these ingredients daily to improve your symptoms!


The “W.O.W.” is JOURNEY! A major part of life’s JOURNEY is about diet. For the record…Diet does not mean food restriction. Before it was hijacked by an industry commercializing cycles of failure based on taking away calories that give FUEL and nutrients that RESTORE netting much less energy to MOVE at a length and intensity that precludes food restriction in the first place, your “diet” was simply your food program, your food plan. Many athletes are consuming 8,000 calories a day-on a diet. Albeit a performance diet-not the 8,000 calorie fast-food or packaged food craze! A performance meal plan is intended to gain lean mass for power. Athlete or not, everyone is on a diet – it’s called a food program. If your diet promotes a body that works, then you can be active and never require food restriction just a menu that feeds your muscles and organs to improve over time. Enjoy feeling GREAT. Eat for greatness. Own your diet.


***Tonight…limited or NO parking at Sherwood! If you’re coming to the 6pm class, be prepared to park at Page & walk over! No rain=we WILL have class as scheduled in our room!


Your Dailey thought…

“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes & continues the journey.” ~Alex Noble