Do What You KNOW!!!

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Happy HUMP Day!

Hopefully yesterday’s email inspired you to quit something. Today, it’s time to DO WHAT YOU KNOW!


Lie #2: Knowledge is Power  (from Martin Rooney)
You have been convinced that as long as you know something or continue to accumulate knowledge, your life are changed for the better.  Not true.  Your knowledge only tells you what you know.  Your actions tell you what you will get.  And I will be as bold to say that a person with less knowledge that takes more action will be more successful than the most knowledgeable person that does nothing.  Action is more powerful than knowledge.  A knower has less power than a doer.  In fact, I am often amazed how knowledgeable people are irritated when less knowledgeable people become more successful than them.  My suggestion would be instead of complaining about it, DO something to become more instead.

If you know what to do but never do what you know. it is actually worse that you know it.  This leads not to power, but to guilt.  You don’t need another diet or nutrition book, you need motivation like this to take action and change your behavior.
Rooney Upgrade:  Knowledge Plus Action is Power

The Dailey SLEEP Tip: You KNOW you should be getting 8 hours/night…but do you DO WHAT YOU KNOW?! Give it a try and see how much BETTER tomorrow is! Get to bed early tonight, no excuses!