Do you have YIN & YANG in your life?

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The WEEKEND is almost HERE!

Crazy day here in the triad! Hope you all survived the crazy storm this afternoon, and have POWER! Lots of outages in Greensboro, including my house…hence the late email! We also had no power at Sherwood this evening, but still had a great FLEX class despite mother nature! GAME ON for the 6am & 7:30am classes on Friday morning. Power should be back, but if it’s not we’ll sweat it out anyway for FUN FRIDAY!!


IMPORTANT CLASS UPDATE! Due to some problems with unnecessary through traffic going through the upstairs at Sherwood, I have been asked to LOCK the doors once my classes begin. (ALL CLASSES!) If you are usually early to class, this will not affect you…however those of you that tend to show up 5 minutes or later to class will be! There is a doorbell to the right of the door in case you get locked out. Please note that once class begins, hearing the doorbell will be difficult. Best bet…get to class on time!


The Dailey HEALTH & WELLNESS Tip: Find your YIN AND YANG! Yang energy is energy that is vibrant and powerful. Yin is gentle energy that helps drive serenity, peace, and balance in your life. We need them both and you must include yin workouts (FLEX, yoga, Pilates, etc.) with yang-type (FUNCTIONAL FITNESS) workouts. If you need more “yin” in your life, slow down and MAKE IT HAPPEN! A balanced exercise program delivers the best results with the least amount of injury & pain!


Hope you have a fantastic weekend CELEBTRATING the DAD’s in your life!

Happy Father’s Day weekend!


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I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.” – Jonathan Winters