Dropping some “F-Bombs”!!!

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“Fear, frustration, and failure are overcome with faith, focus, forward-thinking, and follow-through.” ~Wayne Cotton

The folks in group training heard some serious motivation around this quote yesterday. These “F-bombs” are powerful. If you haven’t experienced Fear, Frustration, & Failure on a regular basis…you simply aren’t challenging yourself enough! Time to take more risks! As I told my students yesterday…using Faith (a solid & positive belief system that you CAN do something), FOCUS (on what you want to accomplish-WHY it is important), Forward-Thinking (making a plan to get there), & FOLLOW-THROUGH (DOING the work to make it happen)…success will be yours!


One last reminder that we have an AWESOME & FREE running clinic in the studio tomorrow @ 10:15am, immediately following the “Speed Strength” group training session! So far we have about 18-20 attending! LOTS of room if you have a last minute interest. Please let me know, or sign up on the meetup link so we will have enough material for everyone: http://www.meetup.com/teamindure/events/219851230/?gj=rcs.i&a=co2.i_grp&rv=rcs.i

You will gain valuable information about all things running, and ONE lucky winner will win a FREE gait analysis with Peter Barusic ($125 value)!!! Omega Sports will be talking shoes too…and you know they love to shower their VIP’s with coupons!! Just one more reason to join us tomorrow!


Whatever you do with your most precious commodity (i.e. TIME) this weekend…make sure you do at least ONE thing to become a little better tomorrow than you were today!