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WooHoo! The SUN is shining & I see BLUE SKY!

After a dreary & cold few days, nothing can lift a mood faster than this beauty! Before it gets dark, put your face outside (or check a window) to feed your soul.


The Dailey HEALTHY FUELING Tip: EAT PROTEIN-with EVERY meal/snack. Protein will help to balance your blood sugar levels & keep you satisfied longer between meals, but it is also imperative for muscle recovery & even weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight, and consume only fruits & veggies for a snack, your body takes the protein it needs from muscle. The fat’s still there, and if you gain your weight back it is more likely to come back in the form of fat where you lost muscle.


I’m SUPER EXCITED to announce the long awaited & very first NEW staff member/team member/COACH to the Dailey Fitness family!!! Cassie Coon is officially on board and we just added a Dailey RPM (spin) class to this week’s schedule! Cassie has been instructing spin classes for 10 years, and recently moved here from Rochester NY. (I think she brought WINTER with her!) Check out Cassie & welcome her to the studio this Sat. for a great ride @ 8:30am! Only 6 bikes- so RSVP online to save your bike! We also have a Fit & Flex class at 10am Sat for those of you looking for the total body conditioning/flexibility workout! Sign up now!


Your Dailey thought…

“The diamonds among rocks share the same characteristics with the diamonds amongst men: they can stand years of pressure.” ~Martin Rooney

Don’t want to feel pressure in your day? Why not?! “No pressure, No diamonds”! Having some pressure in your day makes us stronger. That pressure fulfills our PURPOSE!