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“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”  ~Michael Jordan

Make the most of your time today and living a life that makes you happy. The decisions you make every day should come from a position of power-not weakness. EXPECT MORE of yourself & you will get more! Too many times fear of the unknown or fear of failure will stop many of us from even trying. Make today the day you change your mindset and enforce the fact that you’re powerful beyond measure and this world is your playground.


The WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: YOU NEED CARBS! It’s the QUALITY of the carbs you need to keep in check! Carbohydrates actually help to maintain glucose levels during exercise (energy) & replace muscle glycogen after exercise (stored energy). When training in our program 4days/week, one should consume a minimum of 5 grams per kilogram a day for optimal performance! Remember, QUALITY COUNTS! (fruits, veggies, whole grains, are all good sources-not breads, chips, pastas, etc.)


FREE SEMINAR!!! (2 dates: Thurs 8/27 @ 7:15pm & Fri 8/28 @ 10:15am) SAVE THE DATE & RSVP!

“The Sugar Blues”  The primary goal of the workshop is to educate and raise awareness about the negative effects of sugar on the body, mind and spirit. Jodie Gisser, Holistic Health Coach & Food for Life Instructor, will help participants understand that sugar is an addictive substance and the need to be mindful of over-consumption. She will discuss the common types of sugar as well as identify healthier sugar options. You will learn how to recognize and use food cravings as a tool to help nourish the body and discuss specific strategies to reduce and eliminate sugar cravings naturally.