Expect more….GET more!

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“Aim higher and you will end up higher. Expect more of yourself and you will end up getting more from yourself.” ~Ralph Marston

Try not to let what you didn’t do yesterday stop you from DOING IT today! I’ve been asking my students how they are doing with nutrition during this holiday season, & how their “choose one-lose one” habit is going…and I’m getting a lot of “TERRIBLE’ as the answer! Remember, everything is a choice. It’s not physically harder to make a good choice vs. a bad one, it just takes a little more discipline. You’ve got to raise your expectations of yourself. PRACTICE this over and over, and soon enough if becomes hard to get wrong!


The Dailey COOKIE Recipe: Ok…so you KNOW you’re gonna eat some cookies this holiday season, so why not MAKE them healthier?! Found this great recipe & can’t wait to try them out! (FYI…if you bake them before I do, bring me a sample!!!) http://foodbabe.com/2013/12/22/healthy-sugar-cookie/


GROUP TRAINING UPDATE: Note the shortened week on next week’s schedule! PLAN AHEAD to get your workouts in! Get an extra one this week, or come on a day you don’t typically participate next week. No classes Wed PM/Thurs/Fri. Don’t let that stop YOU from moving ahead with your fitness goals this year!


Shoot for the stars today!