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“Finish last” will always be better than “Did not finish”, which always triumphs “Did not start”!
The “W.O.W.” = FINISH!
It’s not what you start in life that counts…it’s what you FINISH! You will not be remembered for the many great things you started…you will be remembered for the few things you FINISHED! Nothing feels more gratifying than completing what you started, checking them off the list! So DO IT! This week, see everything you do to its full completion! And remember, starting AND finishing a few things will be way more gratifying than starting many things and completing none of them.

The WARRIOR Nutrition Tip: PLAN YOUR MEALS FOR THE WEEK! “Failure to plan is planning to fail”! You know you want to eat well, so plan for it! Carve out some time tonight to pack your food for tomorrow, if you haven’t already done so! Write out your menu for the week, and prep for it! Having a plan will keep you on track and you will be less likely to get derailed along the way!

START what you FINISH this week!