Flex @ the NEW SPACE tonight!!!

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Hello Fitness Friends!

I’m SO excited!!! The showers are going in at the new facility today! WooHoo! Anyone that wants a sneak peak at the new digs should definitely come to the Flex class tonight at the Dailey Fitness Training & Conditioning Studio! We will have class in the ONLY room that is finished…them main workout area! LOTS of room, but I recommend you bring a mat in case I don’t have enough. (I don’t have all of the equipment over there yet). 2919 Battleground Ave. (grey building next to Longhorn Steakhouse). Classes are as usual the rest of the week AT SHERWOOD! Tonight is just an exception due to the swim banquet.

The Dailey HEALTH Tip: Check your B12 levels!!! Signs of vitamin B12 deficiency: fatigue, poor memory, anemia, depression, mania, disruptions in sensations of touch, pressure and vibration. You can test for B12 deficiency via a serum test, and also check levels of homocysteine (Hcy) and mathylmalonic acid (MMA). It takes about 4 weeks to replete liver stores and 3 months to fully replete the blood. Aside from B12 injections, you can take a regular B-complex supplement (I take one every morning first thing!), and you can get a good daily dose of B vitamin rich foods such as: oysters, clams, mussels, liver, caviar, fish, crab, lobster, beef, lamb, cheese, & eggs…just to name a handful.
What are you INTEGRATING into your day TODAY to move your needle?
Your Dailey thought… “Time decides who you meet in your life. Heart decides who you want in your life. And your behavior decides who will stay in your life.”