Fun/Random Body Function Facts!

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Happy Sunday!

I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend of fun, sun, & celebrating FREEDOM!

Long weekends are great for recharging your batteries, and rejuvenating your mind and body. For those of you coming back from vacations, it might be time to hunker down and refocus your energy towards your health & fitness goals. Get  your mindset RIGHT to create your best week ever!


Your Dailey thought…“Your body hears everything that your mind says. Stay positive.”

A negative &/or limiting belief system will always keep you from reaching your full potential…so choose your thoughts wisely!


The “W.O.W.” is VISION! Behind every great success story is a VISION of change. Let this word fuel your fire & keep you focused as you get after your goals so that you create a game changing week! Let the VISION of your end result guide the way to success.



  • You produce about 96 gallons of saliva per year
  • Only about 22 gallons of sweat per year
  • You produce about 120 gallons of urine annually
  • And as for poop, about 360 pounds per year


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It’s GO TIME Baby!!!