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WooHoo for WEEKENDS!

No matter how fast the week blows by, we are always stoked for the WEEKEND! Find some time to REHARGE this weekend. Disconnecting is sooooo important!!! ENERGY is everything. In order to create and maintain positive energy, we all NEED to RECHARGE our batteries often. Take some time this weekend to RECHARGE yourself…it is amazing what it does for your body & soul.


GAME ON for the new Dailey Fitness Studio!!! There is some serious momentum right now! For those of you who haven’t heard…..WE’RE MOVING!!!  …Into a 5,000 sqft space that is PERFECT for us! 2919 Battleground Ave, Greensboro! The first coat of paint is finally on the outside (in between rain storms), the prep work is started on the inside & there is even a bit of paint on the walls! Next week, it will all start coming together as the locker rooms go “under construction” and the flooring is put in! Please stop by and pop your head in to check it out if you are in the neighborhood! No more packing/unpacking the “clown closet”, & no more worries of getting kicked out of our room for other events! This space will be exclusively OURS! And YOU will be gaining so much from the move! MORE classes (including weekends!), MORE variety, “OPEN GYM” time throughout the week, & so much MORE! I can’t say the exact date yet…but I can promise AUGUST! NOTHING is going to change for you with this move…except for the location!


The Dailey DRINK IDEA Tip: Do you crave a slurpee…energy drink…soda? No thanks, not for me. You can keep your sugar drink. Instead, make your own INFUSED WATER! Try these:
(1) Green tea, mint, lime—-fat burning, digestion, headaches, congestion and breath freshener.
(2) Strawberry, kiwi—–cardiovascular health, immune system protection, blood sugar regulation, digestion


Have a GREAT weekend of RECHARGING!


Your Dailey thought… “You have the power to change almost everything in your life, but you also have the power not to change anything.” – Sonya Parker